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Water Treatment

There are several sorts of treatment of water according to the physico-chemical and bacteriological analysis of your water, if it comes from a well.

Besides the hardness of the water, it is often necessary to treat for the turbidity (visual and disturb aspect of water), the iron and the bacteria (bad taste, tint), sulfur (smell of rotten egg) or the germ contamination (faecal coliformes, E.coli and parasitic cysts). 

Water handled by municipalities

For the water which is distributed by municipalities, it does not generally need particular water treatment, if it is not the déchlorination or the treatment of water hardness.

Indeed,  the contribution of more or less important chlorine made by water treatment plants can be harmful long-term for the human or animal health. We can also have to handle the water of municipalities to eliminate the calcium and the magnesium which are very often the cause of the water hardness: narrowed jets on shower heads, damaged water heater or excessive use of cleaner.

Well water

According to the analysis of your water, your specialist Goyer Plumbing will recommend you the equipment of water treatment the best adapted to your needs.

  • Water treatment in the point of use: for example, if your water contains some arsenic, the skin is not absorbing the arsenic during the shower or the bath, so a device of water treatment for the consumption of food, the cooking or the dental hygiene would be sufficient. The systems in the point of uses are installed on the faucets which supply the water intended for the consumption, for the cooking or dental hygiene.
  • Water treatment in the entry point: the analysis of the water can reveal an excess of iron, manganese, calcium, bacteria, viruses, germs, organics polluants and pesticides. In these cases, it will need to handle all the water of the house. It is what we call a treatment to the entry point. These systems are installed in the entrance of the water in the house. They are generally bigger and more expensives.